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Fritz J. Casuse

Fritz J. Casuse Personal Artist Biography
Fritz J. Casuse - Bio My name is Fritz J. Casuse from the community of Twin Lakes outside of Gallup, New Mexico. I am a member of the Diné or Navajo Nation born to Clara Bowman Casuse and the late Joel G. Casuse.

Graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1996, with an associate of Fine Arts degree in the Two and Three Dimensional Programs. Currently, I reside in Santa. After work and on the weekends, I make use of my free time to create and produce my ideas.

I am knowledgeable about several processes and techniques; acrylic and oil on canvas, ceramic stoneware, traditional Micaceous clay, silver, shells, beadwork, photography and stone. I have no one favorite medium, as they all relate in my creative process. Paintings evolve into sculptures and jewelry, all relating to one main idea.

As a child and throughout my teens, I remember my father and the teachings he passed on to me, a carpenter and welder, always creating things of use with his knowledge. Often times, instead of playing with the neighborhood kids or riding bike, my father and I would sit at the kitchen table and talk. This memory helps me to draw upon my imagination; for at that table we shared many adventures and he’s been my inspiration.

As a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts, I was involved in and placed at various shows and competitions. Since then, I have been a participant in local markets and fairs here in New Mexico. Enjoyment in creating art is my main goal. Sharing my interpretations is important. If the collector and/or buyer understands the beauty of the piece, then that to me is an accomplishment. Creating artwork is my future, learning new methods, working with different media, and sharing ideas with other artists, is a balance that I seek.

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